Lydia’s Story

As a brand new mom, it was evident that I was no longer the primary focus after having my first child. In those first few months, I tried everything to feel like myself again, but things like hormonal balance, nutritional sufficiency, and restorative sleep grew far beyond my reach. When I wasn’t putting all my energy and focus into my beautiful baby, I was exhaustingly searching for answers to why my hair was falling out, why I couldn’t lose weight, and why my emotions were all over the place. In the midst of this internal chaos, I was having trouble producing breast milk, and, eventually, my low milk supply forced me to switch to exclusive formula feeding. Although my baby was a healthy and wonderful blessing, I silently struggled to find balance in taking care of myself while taking care of my baby.

I knew I was no exception to the many moms who were, for decades, being made to believe that poor health during postpartum was a “right of passage” into motherhood. So, when I couldn’t find the answers to the questions of my current health and well-being, I decided to take my postpartum recovery into my own hands. Soon, the idea for Moo Brew Brands was born, and with the education of advisors and research, I was able to bring accessible, thought-provoking, and fair postpartum support to all women in every stage of their motherhood journey.

Since my very first experience with postpartum, it has been my mission to provide mothers with the resources they need to power through their postpartum and recover. Simply put — no woman should have to suffer in silence anymore nor lack the accessibility of aides to support feeling great during Postpartum. There are events and symptoms of postpartum that will indeed affect every mom at some point in their journey, but now, you have the tools to effectively do something about it. Cheers to making healthy Postpartum recovery a lifestyle! 

Our Mission for Postpartum Moms

“MOO” is an acronym for “Moms Official Objective,” which is the primary mission of Moo Brew Brands. We are dedicated to helping moms recover from childbirth without experiencing the significant health declines that are notoriously associated with this experience. The stigma that surrounds postpartum health is that at some point, we as moms are going to wake up one day and just “feel better;” that the entire period of health decline is somehow a phase or a cycle that corrects itself with patience and time. This is not the case and is far from true. Postpartum taxes the recovering body and its systems in ways that deplete storages of vital nutrients — making it impossible to recover without aid. These systems, once depleted, do not function properly and require moms to refill the loss. It’s like a car that operates on gasoline — when the tank is empty, the car doesn't somehow switch over to its electric source. Rather, it does not work at all. This has been an extended self-suffering, a stigma that has surrounded women since the beginning of time, and one that Moo Brew Brands is breaking women free from through education and support.

Moo Brew Brands is dedicated to the education of the side effects of poor health during postpartum and its life-lasting effects if not addressed. Helping moms worldwide is an imperative operation at Moo Brew Brands. We have worked tirelessly to create a health and wellness system that meets the needs of every postpartum mom. Our team believes that “There is no better feeling than feeling like yourself again,” and Moo Brew is leading the cause.

Why Moms Love Moo Brew

Moo Brew is for Every Mom! First-time moms, veteran moms, grandmoms, breastfeeding moms, pregnant moms, we’ve got you all covered. As moms, there is an infinite number of things out of our control, but wellness during postpartum should no longer be something that we have to leverage for tradition. Our industry-leading health and wellness system navigates the obstacles during postpartum.

Moms love Moo Brew Brands because our products are researched, tested, and developed with mom and baby in mind. We provide an all-natural recovery and healing plan that actually works — providing moms with the balance they need on this incredible journey through motherhood. Moo Brew Brands prides itself in producing health and wellness products that are breastfeeding- safe, baby-safe, non-GMO, gluten-free, organic, and premium quality for Every Mom.